What’s in your bag, Allison Williams?

Allison Williams Purse
Allison Williams Purse
Photography by Stephanie J. Algieri

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Girls is back. Girls is back! One of our most intense cultural obsessions returns with its Season 2 premiere on January 13, 2013 at 9pm on HBO Canada, and what better way to celebrate than with a look inside the beautiful bag of one of its beautiful stars, Allison Williams.

Our former cover girl was in Toronto last week to promote the new episodes as well as the release of season one on DVD and Blu-Ray (Its accompanying book of Lena Dunham’s tweets is epic, FYI) and graciously dumped the contents of her Jason Wu Daphne shoulder bag. While her stuff was being photographed, I super-fan quizzed her on the return of Booth Johnathan as well as what the next season looks like for character Marnie Michaels, who seemed to be floundering sans-boyfriend and roommate at the end of season one. “She’s having a rough go. She’s without the same comforts that she had in season one, so she’s very influx, and that is something that I know that I, and a lot of my friends can relate to,” she said. “When it rains, it really does seem to pour especially when you’re in your mid-twenties when you don’t have a lot of foundation already laid down it can just throw everything into upheaval at once—job, everything.”

While her character is sure to be going for a ride, Allison Williams could not be more awesome perfectly put-together IRL. Click through for the photos and hilarious insights into the things she carries around in that beautiful Jason Wu bag. Booth Johnathan by the way? Oh, he’s around.