Rihanna’s 777 Tour: We follow the pop star’s ongoing wardrobe changes she thrills with her epic world tour

Rihanna 777 Tour
Rihanna 777 Tour
Photography by Kevin Mazur/WireImage

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“Hello! This is 777. Let’s get drunk! I love you!” Rihanna announced into a Boeing 777 PA as the first leg of her tour promoting her newest album, “Unapologetic” took off. The tour, which consists of seven shows in seven countries in seven days, is a lot of performing to say the least. But Rihanna is up for the challenge.

She also told the 200 fans, journalists and her personal entourage, “It will be the coolest thing I’ve ever done.” We won’t disagree with that statement.

Those who dare to take Rihanna up on this party tour (there are supposedly 70 bottles of champagne on the plane) were given a gift bag handpicked by RiRi herself. In the bags are literal diamonds in the sky because she gave everyone a diamond bracelet, t-shirt, and flight socks.

She started the tour in Los Angeles and headed to Mexico City right after, where she wore a leather baseball shirt from Alexander Wang’s Spring 2013 collection and Balenciaga booties. Last night in Toronto, she wore boyfriend sized khaki pants and a white bustier with a leather bomber jacket tied around her waist—a definite nod to the 90s.

The tour juts across the globe hitting Los Angeles, Mexico City, Toronto, Stockholm, Paris, Berlin, London and – finally – New York. To stay that this publicity stunt is anything less than epic, would be a lie. We’ll be keeping up with Rihanna and she flies across the globe and updating our gallery along the way, so buckle your seatbelts because this is going to be a wild ride.