All the angles on Rihanna’s barely there CFDA outfit

Rihanna CFDA outfit
Rihanna CFDA outfit
Photography by Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

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If you had any doubts that Rihanna is the fashion goddess of our time, look no further than last night’s CFDA Awards, where she went badder than ever in a barely there fishnet dress embellished with over 216,000 Swarovski crystals to accept the award for Fashion Icon of the Year. The outfit was no a doubt a big “eff you” to Instagram, who shut down her account last month after she posted a topless photo of herself on the cover of French fashion mag Lui. It was also a pretty ballin’ Sally Bowles moment, if Sally Bowles was a Never Nude flapper, ready for yet another closeup. “Fashion has always been my defense mechanism,” she said, during her acceptance speech. It’s been that for all of us fashion kids too, which is just one of the millions of reasons we love Rihanna so.

Some may see Rihanna’s CFDA outfit as just another in her near-flawless run of fashion moments, but what’s just one small step for BadGalRiri is one giant leap for fashion kind. This glittering, sugar-coated message to the Instagram establishment is in effect the ultimate slut shaming defence. (Stepping out in a faux fur stole emblazoned with the word “fear” is another brilliant one.)

The outfit was also a big moment for designer Adam Selman, who has slowly been building a spectacular reputation on the singer’s barely there bod in collaboration with stylist Mel Ottenberg, who just received his own New York Times profile. Everything (and everyone), where Rihanna’s concerned, shines bright like a diamond. Unless you f*ck with her (cause you know she got it)