Linday Lohan’s Liz & Dick Los Angeles premiere look might have actually not been terrible

Linday Lohan Liz & Dick Los Angeles Premiere
Linday Lohan Liz & Dick Los Angeles Premiere
Photography by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Lindsay Lohan is no stranger to the spotlight. While the past few years have been all but flattering, it seems that she may have just made her first step towards a fashionable comeback. At the Los Angeles premiere of the TV biopic Liz & Dick in which she plays Elizabeth Taylor, she was fairly successful at upping the Old Hollywood quotient.

Lindsay Lohan opted for a champagne silk floor length gown by Donna Dashini that featured multiple cutouts down her chest with small red beads dangling onto her skin. Lohan accessorized with vintage jewellery and a fur stole. While it may have hugged awkwardly in some places, the dress certainly channeled Taylor’s famed va-va-voom.

The most winning aspects of Lindsay Lohan’s Liz & Dick premiere look were her chosen hair and makeup looks. Finally opting for a brighter take on her old signature shade of red hair, Lohan matched her curls to her lips with a deep shade of cranberry. She paired all that red with a smoky copper eye and filled in eyebrows, which finished off the look quite elegantly.

While we may think she did a pretty solid job compared to some of her past attempts in life, what would Elizabeth Taylor think?