Quotable: Chloë Sevigny thinks Raf Simons is cool

It’s recently come to our attention that Chloë Sevigny loves Raf Simons (or rather, approves of his move to Dior). And if she thinks something is “cool,” it most definitely is. The tastemaker-come-actress told The Cut all about “out of touch” ‘90s fashion houses and Simons’ über-elegance:

“I think it’s cool. I think some of the big houses got caught up in this nineties moment and early-2000s, and I think they kind of have to refine their houses again. I think [Raf] is going to bring it back to the elegance that Dior deserves. Not that Galliano didn’t do an amazing job, but the bags and the merchandising and the branding got ahead of itself, and now it kind of seems old-fashioned. It seems out of touch. I think he’ll infuse the house with some real elegance and class.”