Quotable: As long as this pop star can still text, her long, pointy nails are just the right length

We would want to hang out with best friends Katy Perry and Rihanna for quite a few reasons: both are talented, fun and last but not least, insanely stylish right down to their always eye-catching manicures.

So it’s no surprise that the two pop stars have the same person to thank for their standout nails: L.A.-based nail artist Kimmie Kyees. Kyees, who first worked with Rihanna on her “Umbrella” video in 2007, told People magazine that the Bajan bombshell has steadily evolved her style in every respect, becoming the trendsetter she is today. And this includes the narrow, square-shaped talons she’s been sporting as of late—she’s ditched the very-pointy shape she favoured for so long. Of course, Rihanna’s love for length does prompt questions about practicality, to which Kyees has the answer:

“She loves her long nails. She does the iPhone test — if she can still type then [they’re] OK.”