Olympic fever! See what some of the international teams will be wearing to the London 2012 games

The London 2012 Olympics are fast approaching, and countries around the world have unveiled their team uniforms. This year, a handful of buzz-worthy designers were tapped to create sporty looks, including Stella McCartney for Great Britain, Giorgio Armani for Italy and Ralph Lauren for the United States. McCartney’s collection—which used a blue and white themed flag—was received with tepid enthusiasm from the Brits, who felt the omission of the red crosses was a poor design choice. Another disappointment was Ralph Lauren’s retro-Americana inspired uniforms, which were a little too school marmy for our taste and were actually produced overseas, rather than on home turf. Surprisingly, the standouts were the underdogs, who didn’t rely on fashion powerhouses to produce great uniforms. We loved France’s collection, which channeled Parisian-cool with chic black and white uniforms designed by Adidas, as well as Jamaica’s kit, which was playful, colourful, sporty and appropriately designed by Bob Marley’s daughter, Cedella Marley. While Team Canada’s official garbs are yet to be released (a replica collection is already flying off shelves at the Bay), we take a look at some of our favourite worldwide competitors.

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