Coachella 2013: Capturing the brightest and best fashions during the festival’s second weekend

Coachella 2013 Fashion Weekend
Coachella 2013 Fashion Weekend
Photography by Dana Richardson Blewett

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It’s the great Coachella debate: which weekend is better? Because Coachella has two weekends for maximal festival party times, last week, we saw everything we expected from festivalgoers from floral crowns to 90s throwback hairstyles and this weekend, it’s a similar story with different dates.

Toronto-based photographer, Dana Richardson Blewett, worked her way through the festival grounds at Coachella 2013, to capture the scene as people danced to Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, Major Lazer and Wu-Tang Clan in short-shorts, prints, and crocheted pieces.

The crop top has become synonymous with festival dressing and there was no shortage of midriff baring tops from tasseled crocheted tanks to knotted graphic tees. And then there were those brave enough to only wear a shirt that could be easily mistaken as a bra flashing toned (and tanned!) stomachs. These girls are truly ready to bare it all.

Along with the crop top, shorts obviously have become a fan favourite due to the high temperatures during the day but instead of only denim cutoffs (which were still very prominent) this weekend was all about the wide-leg printed pairs. Prints spanning from palm trees to checkerboards to florals popped up around the grounds making us feel like there truly is an alternative to our favourite denim shorts.

And a special shout-out to the two ladies from Australia that were feeling so totally 90s and who took us right back to our playground days in matching jellies sandals that they paired with daring printed ensembles.

Coachella 2013 may be over but the festival season will chug along straight into September. Stay tuned for more festival snaps from across the continent.