Lana Del Rey’s “Bel Air”: The singer proves she can captivate even in 4 minutes of reused video footage

Coming off an over the top 10-minute music video (read: short film) for “Ride”, Lana Del Rey, true to her shape-shifting persona changed it up again. In anticipation to the release of her next album “Born To Die: The Paradise Edition”, a promo video has surfaced for the track “Bel Air” comprised of outtakes from the video for “Summertime Sadness” which released earlier this year.

We want to ignore the fact that the smokey and ghostly scenes have been featured before because the lip syncing-less video works perfectly for the mysterious sounds of the song “Bel Air”. As smoke whirls around her and changes colour, Lana Del Rey’s vulnerable and dark stained pout seem as iconic as the flower crown from “Born To Die” or the fro-like curls as we saw in “Ride”. She has shown us that she excels at over the top videos and now, keeping it simple.

The timeline of Del Rey’s career starts with a bang as she hurtled into the music scene, with the single and self-made (maybe) short for “Video Games”. Since then, the shrouded but most certainly present team behind her has shaped her into a Nancy Sinatra classic beauty and will not allow her star power to fade. From swiftly moving between music videos to ad campaigns with H&M to constantly producing new music, Lana Del Rey’s career has built and built until her appeal is almost undeniable. And if you can’t tell, we’re wowed by almost everything that Del Rey does and this latest video is no exception.