Kate Middleton’s personal photography has been revealed and it’s just as we thought. She can do everything

Kate Middleton's Personal Photography
Kate Middleton's Personal Photography
Kate Middleton’s Personal Photography via dukeandduchessofcambridge.org

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A selection of personal photography taken by none other than the Duchess of Cambridge has been release today on dukeandduchessofcambridge.org and it proves just what we suspected: Kate Middleton can do everything. Taken while on visit to Southeast Asia with Prince William during the Jubilee Tour earlier this year, the photos showcase palatial views of Mount Kinabalu, a palm oil plantation in Malaysia and the many rainforests of Borneo. Exotic, moody and absent of people—the photos offer an exclusive view of what the Duchess sees on the other side of the often sharply focused paparazzi lens. Kate Middleton has often listed photography as her favourite hobby and she’s often spotted with a camera in hand. Given that  photography itself can be the bane of a Royal existence, especially for Kate, it’s nice to see that she still enjoys snapping away. Might Royal belly photos be next?