Kate Middleton says the royal baby is kicking “very much so”

Catherine Duchess Of Cambridge Grimsby Visit Hobbs coat
Catherine Duchess Of Cambridge Grimsby Visit Hobbs coat

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Today is certainly the busiest day that Kate Middleton has had since announcing her pregnancy in November. (We respect her need to recover from acute morning sickness and keep things low key, but oh, how we’ve missed her!) After arriving in the fishing town of Grimsby this morning, the Duchess of Cambridge set out for a full day of public engagements. As any royal fan will know, the best thing about public appearances is that it’s the only time us commoners can put questions forth to the royals with hopes for a reply. This morning the town of Grimsby was asking all about the royal baby—and our darling Duchess was more than happy to answer. So when asked if she could feel the baby kicking, the whole world got to hear her reply: “Yes, it is. Very much so.” (Note the careful use of “it”and not “him” or “her,” smooth Kate, very smooth.)

As for her Grimsby outfit, Kate Middleton wore a coat we’ve seen a few times before—her brown Celeste coat by Hobbs—and barely a royal baby bump was visible. Of course, the Duchess is a master at embracing tailoring tricks and undoubtedly she’s sticking to wearing belted coats and dresses as a way of drawing attention away from her tummy. She kept the rest of her outfit simple, with Annoushka pearl earrings and black suede heels, as well as a black clutch. Hopefully we’ll get a chance later today to see the dress Kate is wearing underneath her coat—reports say that it’s a floral print dress by Great Plains, but we’ll have to wait and see.