Kate Middleton says “no thanks” to a box of free clothing designed by Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Kate Middleton Returned Dresses
Kim Kardashian Kate Middleton Returned Dresses
Left: Kim Kardashian shot by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage. Right:Kate Middleton shot by Indigo/Getty Images

Body-con dresses, leopard print blazers and sheer blouses are not a part of the Duchess of Cambridge’s wardrobe—and for good reason. But queen of the body-con world, Kim Kardashian, thought that Kate Middleton could use a slight wardrobe update.

Sources are saying that when the Kardashian sisters were in London promoting their new Kollection, they sent Kate a box of clothing from their line. The box was quickly returned.

Whether Kate Middleton returned the box because of protocol or due to her distaste for the Kardashian’s designs will forever be up for debate because it’s royal policy that the Duchess doesn’t accept free clothing. She also refuses offers of a stylist and insists on paying full price for everything in her wardrobe. (Probably why she repeats so many pieces!)

Kim’s ego is unlikely bruised (it would take more than a returned box to bring her down) but she still apparently wishes that Kate would don some her clothing to increase her designer credentials. She told Marie Claire UK, “We love her sense of fashion. She could wear our looks and team it with one of her hats.” We don’t think a Philip Treacy fascinator goes very well with a bandage dress, but that’s just us.

It was also reported that Kate Middleton politely declined a tea date with the Kardashian sisters while they were touring about London, but a source told E! News that “Kim was working the whole time and though she admires Kate, she didn’t reach out to her.”

The fact that Kate Middle will not be showing up to a royal event anytime soon in a leopard-print anything lets us rest easy at night.