Kate Middleton leaves the hospital in a DVF coat with a bouquet of yellow roses as lovely as her smile

Pregnant Kate Middleton leaves hospital in DVF coat

Pregnant Kate Middleton leaves hospital in DVF coat
Photography by wenn.com/KEYSTONE Press

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Since Monday’s very exciting announcement that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting, all eyes have literally been on the front doors of the King Edward VII hospital, awaiting any additional news about Kate Middleton’s pregnancy. (Seriously: scroll down here to see just how many cameras were stationed outside.) After four days of almost no news—other than rumours, a super creepy Prince William imposter and a terrible prank phone call—Kate was finally released from the hospital and sent home to Kensington Palace for further rest. We’re not the only ones incredibly excited to see her glowing face, right?

Prince William of course accompanied Kate from the hospital and the two wore almost-matching shades of periwinkle-blue—him in a sweater and her in a scarf. The colour complemented Kate Middleton’s herringbone-print Diane von Furstenberg coat perfectly. Also noteworthy was the bright-yellow bouquet of roses Kate was carrying, which certainly made her face look just that much brighter. One last thing to consider: ever the style champion, Kate was wearing black tights and a pair of Aquatalia boots—no cozy sweats or comfy shoes in sight. If only we were all able to look even half this graceful while ill.