We photo Greta Hodgkinson’s Lucian Matis fitting in advance of the ballet’s annual Mad Hot Ballet fundraiser

Greta Hodgkinson Lucian Matis Fitting
Greta Hodgkinson Lucian Matis Fitting
Photography by Stefania Yarhi

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For those of us ladies who were once girls who fantasized about being ballerinas, this ones for you! Next Wednesday, The National Ballet of Canada will host its annual Mad Hot Ballet fundraising gala. As always, the gala takes its theme from its current ballet, and this year that ballet is Carmen, the sultry tale of doomed love. To match the ballet’s “Dangerous Love” lace and leather aesthetic, you can expect the gala’s attendees to dress in kind, especially its star, principal dancer Greta Hodgkinson. To find something suitable, Hodgkinson hit up Toronto-based designer Lucian Matis last week and let us come along for the ride. “It’s always fun to play dress up and try on such beautiful clothes,” she told us. And while Hodginkson’s final dress is being kept under wraps until next week’s event, have a look through her fitting for a sneak peek at a few potential options.

Want in on the ballet’s Mad Hot Ballet “Dangerous” Love gala? Tickets are available for purchase at national.ballet.ca!