The third annual Diner en Blanc comes to Toronto: 25 photos of the stunning all-white event

Diner En Blanc
Diner En Blanc
Photography by Mauricio Calero

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Coming back for the third year in a row, the annual Diner en Blanc arrived in Toronto last night, bringing in around 1,400 people decked out in all white to eat, drink and be merry (which seems a little dangerous to do in white attire). This year the event took place at Echo Beach, Ontario Place so that guest could enjoy a night by the water. As is the norm for the annual event, guests were informed of the secret location only a couple hours prior to the event. Living on the edge is clearly a theme here. The event was beautiful, as always, and everyone was dressed to impress, wearing feathers, lace, jewels and a touch of YOLO.

Guests were in for a treat as they had musical performances, a ballet performance, one heck of a dance party, and some amazing food.

Initially this idea was created in Paris as a means for friends to find one another in crowded spaces, but it’s evolved into one hell of a fashion event. C‘est la vie.