Watch Nicki Minaj transform into a pink-blooded perfume bottle right before your eyes

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Commerical

Nicki Minaj’s first commercial for her Pink Friday fragrance proves, yet again, that she is more than your average human. The 30-second video (set to her song “Freedom” from the album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up) shows a clumsy Minaj pricking herself on a rose thorn and transforming into the fragrance bottle. It’s a little bit freaky, sultry and puzzling all at once.

Unlike most humans, Minaj bleeds pink instead of red and her blood has the ability to change roses’ colour from black to pink and to turn her body gold. It’s like she transforms from a vampire to a gold statue with pink hair right before our eyes.

The commercial goes from all black everything to all pink everything—including Nicki Minaj’s eye colour (which is kind of scary in a Twilight sort of way). The fragrance bottle’s design resembles a robotic Minaj with its gold-faced bodice, pink hair and Nicki Minaj nameplate necklace. Both the bottle and the commercial are out of this world (much like everything else the rapper does) and it seems that she’s sticking to the pink theme until the end of time.