Why Snapchat is not just for teens: From Nars to Rebecca Minkoff, brands are embracing the blink-and-you-miss-it app

Snapchat is the new fashion app
Snapchat is the new fashion app
Photography by Stefania Yarhi

When it comes to sharing news or a sneak peek at a new collection, brands are starting to feel a little “been there, done that” with the major social media channels. Thankfully, with apps there’s always something new waiting in the wings. So move over, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram: Snapchat is quickly becoming the publicity tool of choice for fashion and beauty brands.

This morning, Nars shared its upcoming Guy Bourdin holiday makeup collection via the blink-and-you-miss-it app. The 10-second preview was sent out to those who had added the Narsisisst account to their friends list and it’s a move that successfully combined every-gal access with insider exclusivity.

However, they’re not the first brand to use Snapchat: Earlier this month, Rebecca Minkoff embraced the app during New York Fashion Week. The unheard of marketing move was announced via Twitter and allowed users to receive Snapchats of looks from the Spring 2014 collection before they hit the runway.

This new embrace of Snapchat makes sense, as the app has been extremely popular with everyday users for well over a year (it made headlines last US Thanksgiving when a record 1000 Snapchats per second were shared). Snapchat may not have the archival, brand-building power of a Pinterest board or Instagram profile, but it has an organic, “just for you” feeling that other social media platforms have lost since becoming popular. With Snapchat there’s no room for polished edits, professional cameras or staged stunts. Opening a Nars or Rebecca Minkoff Snapchat—albeit one likely sent to thousands of others—still looks exactly like any other Snapchat created by a friend. And just like any other Snapchat account, you can send brands a direct reply. (Though we’re still waiting for Nars to open to ours…)

As for the Nars Guy Bourdin holiday collection, if you missed this morning’s Snapchat, don’t fret: a full look at the lineup will be available mid-October, just in time for its November 1 launch in-store and online.