Runway to Real Life: How to do the almost-fluorescent-pink eyes, lips and cheeks from Viktor & Rolf Spring 2012

Left: Viktor & Rolf Spring 2012 photography by Peter Stigter. Right: Photography and makeup by Dallas Curow. Model: Alana/Folio Montreal.

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The ultra-girly “modern doll” look in Viktor & Rolf’s Spring 2012 collection was an unabashed celebration of sweetness and fun. Even better, the bright hues used throughout the collection were echoed in the beauty with fluttering fuchsia lashes and berry-stained lips. To make this look more appropriate for a day not spent on the runway, I created a slightly subdued but equally adorable and fanciful face. The eyes, cheeks and lips all used the same palette of bright, confectionary-appropriate pinks but without the theatrical embellishments of paper cateye cutouts and almost-neon lashes. That being said, it was impossible to resist the allure of a pair of bright pink falsies—which I added as a bonus at the end. Consider this: start the night off with the more subdued look, then pop on some pink lashes as you head out the door to a fabulous party.