Runway to Real Life: How to do Preen’s peachy-perfect Spring 2012 makeup

Left: Preen Spring 2012 photography by Peter Stigter. Right: Photography and makeup by Dallas Curow. Model: Erika/Next Models Montreal.

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When Preen‘s Spring 2012 collection was still in its nascent stage, designers Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi were reading a lot of Virginia Woolf, and Victorian era visions of English gardens danced in their heads. The collection featured prints in lush, pastel colours based on blown-up, pixelated peonies. Fittingly, the models faces were flower-petal fresh, their cheeks as rosy as ripe peaches.

To adjust this look for real life, I didn’t make too many drastic changes; rather, I focused on the outdoorsy glow and just added a bit of depth to the colour. I started by recreating the luminescent complexion using peach blush and a shimmering highlighting cream. I upped the intensity on the eyes with a warm palette of colours in orange, apricot and pomegranate. To complete the look, I added a generous helping of tangerine lip gloss.