Quotable: Which actress—and global beauty brand ambassador—doesn’t pluck her eyebrows ever?

It’s no wonder that Olivia Wilde is one of the newest faces of Revlon—her wide, bright eyes alone are enough to make us envious! But it’s what’s above those eyes that we’re interested in: Wilde confessed that she’s been letting her eyebrows grow out for years. And even with her recent switch to blonde hair (for a movie role) there’s been no change to her rather refreshing approach to brow grooming. In conversation with The New York Times, she explains:

“I do not tweeze my eyebrows. I’ve been letting them grow out for years. I try to fill them in wherever nature has abandoned me. I’ve been going for a slightly lighter shade of brow color lately, with my lighter hair. I just fill in under the arch and soften them up a bit. My natural brows are quite pointy. I soften them so I look less like some evil Disney queen!”