Winter Pampering: 10 ways to have an at-home spa day and hide your skin from the cold

Winter Pampering: 10 ways to have an at-home spa day and hide your skin from the cold

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Pampering might not seem like a winter essential, but when the winds are blowing and you’re spending more time inside than out, it only makes sense to dedicate an afternoon to some rest and revitalization. While a day at the spa is an expense not everyone can shoulder, there are plenty of ways you can enjoy spa treatments at home. Facial masks, serums and scrubs are all excellent sources of self-pampering—and simple enough that you don’t need a second set of hands to help. (Of course, should you want to get a few girlfriends together, all your friends will appreciate these at-home spa treatments.)

While the words “face mask” may conjure up images of green goop and cucumber eye patches, the flexible fabric face mask is a growing beauty trend. Individually packaged and soaked with skin tightening serums, Olay Professional offers one that you’ll want to get your hands—er, face—on. Also good for your face is Weleda’s new cold cream, which is enriched with the essential fatty acids of almond oil to protect your skin from harsh, dry air.

For the ultimate pampering experience, why not pay attention to an often overlooked body party? The Socializer has an exfoliator and scrub set that’s just for your arms. It brings a whole new meaning to feeling buff! Or make any day feel like a spa day with a few sprays of Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist, which hydrates skin and has flash firming properties.

Of course, pampering is about more than skincare. We also share products that make makeup removal more luxurious and doing laundry less of a chore: Shiseido facial cotton pads have indeed been compared to removing your makeup “with a cloud” and Soak laundry wash makes hand-washing delicates easier than sorting your lights and darks. (Seriously!)

And an at-home spa day isn’t complete without a soothing bubble bath or revitalizing steam. Live Clean Spa Therapy offers a foam bath that’s 98 per cent plant derived so you can feel extra good as you soak. If a steam is more your speed, try adding a few drops of J.R. Watkins menthol camphor bath soak to your shower. Read on for our complete guide to at-home spa treatments and don’t forget: pampering yourself is indeed a winter essential.