New Year’s Eve beauty: 10 hair and makeup essentials to get you through the night and into 2013

New Year's Eve hair and makeup beauty products

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Three, two, one, Happy New Year! 2013 is almost here and we’re asking: What are you doing on New Year’s Eve? Whether you consider it a night to go all out or prefer to keep celebrations more low key, it’s a holiday that deserves a little extra prep and primping. In order to help you look your best while counting down the final minutes of 2012 we’ve rounded up ten hair and makeup products that are essentials for New Year’s Eve—a roadmap for looking your best, if you will.

We have the best new glitter nail polish, a last-all-night lipstick and a curling iron that will keep your hair styled well into the beginning of 2013. Our beauty picks also include the best products to keep tucked in your purse, from a pocket-sized concealer to a makeup artist-approved method for refreshing your look between parties. (And if you’re looking for further inspiration for New Year’s Eve, may we suggest our holiday hair and makeup tutorials?) Even better, our beauty essentials are also helpful once the party has ended: from the absolute best way to remove your makeup while you’re crawling into bed to a next-day face mask you’ll love, we have you covered. The countdown to midnight is on: read on and get ready to start primping for 2013!