Nail Corner Marc Jacobs Resort 2013 floral dot manicure

1. Start with a deep blue base coat. I used two coats, but only applied the second at the base of each nail in order to prevent too many layers of polish from piling up on my tips.

2. Using a white polish and a medium dotting tool, dot on your first layer of “flowers”—the white layer should extend about halfway up your nail.

3. Then, with a smaller dotting tool, add some yellow detailing to the white flowers. Use the medium dotting tool to add a layer of yellow “flowers” above the white.

4. Use a very tiny dotter (or a toothpick, even!) and green nail polish to add some “leaves” amongst the white and yellow dots.

5. Bring on the orange! With your medium dotting tool, cover the top half of your nail with the final layer of flowers. After letting this dry, apply a top coat for added shine and protection. Ta-dah, you’re done!