Nail Corner: Do like Alexa Chung and Sally Singer! Here’s 2 takes on the all-seeing eye manicure

This week, all eyes are on Nail Corner—or actually, Nail Corner is all over the eyes. Ever since Sophy Robson did Egyptian all-seeing eyes for Topshop’s Spring 2012 show, painted eyeballs have been popping up in the most curious places. Alexa Chung showed off an evil eye manicure while front row at Jason Wu‘s Fall 2012 show—and has since tweeted other variations of the design. Just last week Emily Weiss from Into the Gloss shared a look at Sally Singer‘s nails, complete with pretty lashes and glittered tips. While it may seem like an unusual design, we promise: once you paint an eyeball or two on your nails, you’ll never want to do a regular manicure again.

Become all-seeing with two different versions of the eyeball manicure! »