Nail Corner Oval Ombre Manicure

1. Choose three polishes that are close in colour: a dark shade, a medium, and a light. After applying a base coat, paint each nail with the darkest colour. (I used a deep plum-purple colour.)

2. Grab a triangle makeup sponge (like this) and, with your medium shade of polish, paint one brush-full of polish onto a corner of the sponge. Dab directly onto your nail, starting in the middle and working your way out to create a circle. If you make any errors, it’s so easy to fix: just repaint the dark polish to cover it up! Reload the sponge with polish for each nail.

3. Let the medium shade of polish dry, before repeating step 2 with your lightest shade of polish, but this time apply it as a circle inside the medium colour. You want all three polishes to appear as a gradient.

4. Apply a top coat for extra shine and you’re done!