Valentino Resort 2013 manicure nail art

1. Taking a cue from the champagne-coloured mesh that these lace flowers sit upon, I used a shiny, clear base coat as the starting point for this design.

2. You can use either a small nail art brush or a dotting tool (or both!) to paint on this manicure. Start with the colour you want to feature the most—in this case, it was a pepto-pink shade—and paint 2–3 blobs of it on each nail. I say “blob” because there’s really no method to what shape they take on.

3. Select your next polish colour and repeat step 2. Keep doing this for every colour you want to apply. Again, there’s pretty much no way to mess this manicure up!

4. Refer to the Valentino dress if you’re unsure of how much of one colour to apply. For instance, there are fewer orange flowers than the pink ones, so paint accordingly!

5. Finish off with a shiny top coat and you’re done! Now, time to find someone with a yacht…