Marc Jacobs confirms that his makeup collection (!!) will launch this year

Marc Jacobs Sephora makeup collection
Marc Jacobs Sephora makeup collection
Photography by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Last year Marc Jacobs revealed that, in addition to his two eponymous collections, his work with Louis Vuitton, his growing fragrance empire and, oh, everything else he does, he was working on a colour cosmetics collection with Sephora. After months of speculation despite no further details from Jacobs or the beauty retailer, we finally have something new to report on: the Marc Jacobs makeup collection will launch this year.

Jacobs spoke briefly about his work with Sephora at last night’s WWD CEO Summit. Fashionista reported from the event, revealing that he had some anxiety about the collection: “I always wonder, ‘Is there really going to be something else [other than fashion] that we’re going to do that I’m going to sit through and enjoy?’” Thankfully, designing a makeup collection seems to have hit that sweet spot.

The actual components of the collection still remain unknown—Lipstick? Eye colour? Nail polish? (Please say nail polish!)—as does the go-to-market name. We’re also hoping that due to it being a partnership with Sephora, international distribution will be a given, but again: nothing’s been confirmed yet. But don’t fret, as soon as more info is released about the Marc Jacobs makeup collection we’ll let you know!