Holiday hair: Do a twisted chignon updo in just 7 easy steps

Holiday hair tutorial simple chignon twist
Holiday hair tutorial simple chignon twist
Hair and makeup by Margot Keith. Model: Zahra/Ford Models. Photography by Stephanie J. Algieri.

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If the word “updo” is something you normally associate with a visit to the salon, think again! While there are indeed complex styles that require the assistance of many hands, many updos are simple to do at home and take only a few minutes to master. The chignon—which can refer to any gathered hairstyle that sits at the nape of your neck—is ideal holiday hair because, based on your skill level and the event you’re attending, it can be perfectly polished or left loose and messy. But however you style it, compliments are sure to follow. (And isn’t that what holiday hair is all about?)

Our take on the chignon, dubbed the chignon twist, was developed in conjunction with Toronto-based hairstylist Margot Keith and takes all of the guess work out creating this holiday party-ready updo. (Even better, each of the styles in our series of holiday hair tutorials will work well beyond Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s Eve parties, so right-click save our handy one-page guide for future reference!) The chignon twist works best on hair that’s a little dirty, making this style a great fix when you’re faced with a last-minute invitation to an event. A few bobby pins, an elastic and a blast of hairspray is really all you need to do this easy holiday hair.