The Internet Thinks This Could Be Glossier’s Next Launch

In case the news of Glossier finally coming to Canada (!!!) wasn’t enough for you, there are now rumours of a new product launch… and guys, it’s seems really good.

As Refinery29 reports, the rumours started when beauty vlogger Jackie Aina posted a video of herself trying out new products, including an unknown loose powder called Wowder, which Jackie revealed the vid was done in partnership with. She included a link to Wowder’s website, which Redditors were quick to point out bared similar colouring and typography to Glossier’s packaging.

glossier wowder
Photography via Imgur

And okay, this could be a long shot in terms of speculation, but as Reddit user Schwertmeisterin pointed out, when inputted into the US Trademark Database, “Wowder,” does, indeed, belong to Glossier. (We checked it, and it’s true!)

glossier wowder

So what can we expect from Glossier’s loose powder? According to the website, three “sheer, adaptable shades — because no skin tone is ‘HD white'” that is “weightless. Zero white chalkiness (even under bright flash). A real-skin finish you’ve never seen from a powder before.”

The product is set to launch August 1, 2017, so mark your calendars and get ready to shop (because we can now, yay!).