Consonant Skincare’s HydrExtreme wins 2012 Canadian Beauty Innovation Awards

Consonant Skincare HydrExtreme win Beauty Innovation Award
Consonant Skincare HydrExtreme win Beauty Innovation Award
Photography by Nicole Stafford

When it comes to beauty, natural products are proving again and again to be winners. Literally.

At the 2012 Canadian Beauty Innovation Awards held in Toronto last week, Consonant Skincare’s HydrExtreme came out on top. Gaining grand prize recognition, as well as the opportunity to showcase the product to key buyers and members of the fashion and beauty industry, the hydrating all-natural product won over the highly esteemed judging panel.

Bill Baker, owner of Consonant Skincare said, “We are thrilled that a product that we put so much time and consideration into developing was ultimately being recognized as the most ground-breaking beauty product of the year.”

And ground-breaking it is. HydrExtreme is a natural extreme hydration booster that does exactly as it says. The product is close to the company’s heart as it was originally created for a friend of Baker’s who had severely dry skin due to the chemotherapy she was receiving for the treatment of her cancer. For the friend of Baker’s, who had tried most of the products that were recommended to her with no avail, HydrExtreme was effective and she noticed results within a few days.

Judges including President of the Fashion Design Council of Canada, Robin Kay, commended the product on its organic content, which includes the unique Indian herb extract Cassia Angustifolia Seed Polysaccharide (try saying that five times fast), a substance that is clinically proven to outlast other potent hydrating ingredients that are found in competing products. HydrExtreme is mainly used on its own (or combined with moisturzier) to combat extremely dry skin, but the product can also be used to aid in the treatment of eczema, and skin irritation caused by waxing.

Consonant Skincare is a Canadian company through and through. With a home base in Toronto, the brand’s 100 per cent natural products are all produced and created in the country and are made with the highest concentration of organic and botanical ingredients. With products that aim to repair damaged, dry or ageing skin, a new award under its belt, and a heartwarming story behind the creation of their latest product, Consonant Skincare is getting the recognition it deserves.