Allison Williams is the new face of Simple skincare

Allison Williams new face of Simple skincare
Allison Williams new face of Simple skincare
Photography by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The cast of HBO’s Girls just keep getting more and more influential. Today it was announced that Allison Williams is the new face of sensitive skincare line Simple. The brand prides itself on having no perfumes, dyes or harsh irritants in its products and it seems like this promise was what drew Williams in.

Given that she portrays the impeccably put-together Marnie (well… at least in the first season of Girls) so well, it’s hard to envision Allison Williams dealing with problematic skin in real life. But indeed, she’s just like the rest of us.

“I do have sensitive skin, actually, and it’s been really hard to find products that don’t make it inflamed, or red or dry, or make it break out,” she told People. “It’s really complicated, but I’ve learned that it’s the case for more people than not. I don’t know how many people have unproblematic skin—that’s rare.”

Williams went on to explain that her sensitive skin becomes even more of a concern when filming Girls, given just how much product and makeup is applied when on set. However, we’ll soon be able to see her take it all off in a forthcoming commercial for Simple. The ad will revolve around a typical day in her life, with focus on her finally relaxing and taking off all her makeup at the end of the day.

So who will be the next star from Girls to get a beauty partnership? Zosia Mamet, we sense a Shoshanna-inspired perfume in your future…